On January 21st, 2017, groups of people gathered together to add their own tiny voice to the collective. Across the world, people united in a show of solidarity in the name of equality. I have never been so awestruck nor humbled by the sheer number of people from all walks of life that came together in beautiful harmony.

I was personally unable to be there in person but I was there in spirit, cursing factors beyond my control for making me miss out on this piece of history. 

I paid for this domain in the thought that it would be my blog…my one tiny voice. However, yesterday I realized that my voice isn’t just my own. My voice is many, reflected in the collective voice that spoke volumes about love and equality. This blog is no longer about me. This is about US. We are many. We are united. We will be heard.

This is bigger than one woman splashing about making ripples. This is a tidal wave roaring into life.